Happy almost Spring, everyone! 

This April we are continuing our discount punch cards:  for your next 10 visits after first regular one in April, you will receive great discounts, and your 10th visit is FREE!
 Just ask for the April Punch-card next time you visit us with regular admission, and let's start the fun!  

Here is the April 10-Visit Punch Card breakdown:

Visit 1 = 10%  off

Visit 2 = 20% off

Visit 3 = 30% off

Visit 4 = 40% off

Visit 5 = 50% off

Visit 6 = 50% off

Visit 7 = 50% off

Visit 8 = 50% off

Visit 9 = 50% off

Visit 10 = FREE!!!

Bring your kids for EXTRA FUN, and get some EXTRA SAVINGS for the family!

We always look forward to seeing you at Kids Town! 

*This offer is valid only for the month of April 2014 and cannot be transferred or combined with any other offers or discounts, caregivers and group admission are excluded. Offer good for up to 3 children and 10 visit.