Party FAQ  

Can I bring food for our party?

Kids Town offers a convenient option for you to order catering from Stella`s Pizza or Addanti's through us for no extra service charge or delivery fee. However, if you rather have food from a different place, you may do so. Our only requirement for the food is to be peanut-free!

When do I place my food order?

Our staff will give you a call a day in advance to discuss final details. We will place the order for you, and the total amount for the food will be included in the final receipt.  

Can we put extra decorations for our party?

Although our party room is already decorated and very colorful you can still bring more decorations. We do not allow hanging or taping any decorations on the walls. Rearranging of our set up and/or furniture is not permitted.

Is there a gratuity fee?

Our packages already include the set up and clean up, but if you are satisfied with the service of our employees, a tip is greatly appreciated. However, if you are going to need assistance with serving the pizza, cutting and distributing the cake, etc. a gratitude fee of 15% from your package will be applied to your bill.

Up to what age range is the per child party fee applicable?

All kids over 1 years of age and up to 16 years old will be counted toward the limit of up to 12 kids per package, or will be charged as additional children which is $12 per each child.

Do I have to pay for the Birthday Child?

The Birthday child and his/her siblings of age 1 and over will be counted toward the limit of 12 kids per basic package.  

What is you cancellation policy?

Deposit is fully refundable if party is cancelled at least 21 days prior to the date of the event. Parties cancelled less than 3 weeks from the scheduled date will result in 100% forfeiture of the deposit. Parties may be rescheduled upon facility’s availability, within 4 weeks of the original date—single reschedule only, no extra fees apply.

What do I need to bring for the party?

Our packages provide everything except food and cake. Also, if you`ll be serving food and/or beverage for adults, you will be responsible for supplying all necessary party supplies. 

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