Kids Town Party Packages
  • We do all the set up and clean up!
  • Included in price: party supplies (plates, cups, etc.) for children (exception: Economy Parties).
  • Admission for party guests includes:
    • 12 kids (1 year and older); $12 for each additional kid guest
    • 30 adults included; $6 for each additional adult guest
    • Exception: Mini Village Party (see details below)
    • Children under 12 months are free for all parties
  • Food and Beverage:
    • Bring your own food and drinks free of charge! (Please note we are a peanut-free facility.)
    • Or, Kids Town can take care of this for you - just ask to see our catering menus.
    • Most party packages include beverages for adults and children.
    • Alcohol is not allowed on the premises.
  • Weekend and holiday parties are an additional $30.
  • Party packages cannot be combined with any other offer.
Please review Party Packages, Hours, Party Extras and other important information below.

  • 2 HOURS PARTY ROOM during regular business hours
  • A juice box for each child
  • Coffee for adults (One Pitcher)
      $199 ($60 deposit)

Economy Village Party                (semi-private)
  • 2 HOURS PARTY ROOM during regular business hours
       $169 ($60 deposit)

Mini Village Party
  • 2 HOURS PARTY ROOM during regular business hours
  • Up to 6 children and 12 adults
  • Additional children $15 each
  • Coffee for adults (One pitcher)
  • A juice box for each child
      $99 ($30 deposit)

Semi-Private Party Hours

Semi-private parties are during regular business hours. Select from the start times listed below.

Monday - Friday: anytime (except Friday at 5:00pm)
Saturdays: 10:00am
Sundays: 10:00am or 1:00pm


  • 2 HOURS OF AN EXCLUSIVE PARTY              closed to the general public*
  • Coffee for adults (One Pitcher)
  • A juice box for each child
  • 10 minutes Bubble Show!
  • Thomas the Train for two hours!      
        $359  ($120 deposit)

Suburban Party
(private party)
  • Just like City Party, but excludes Bubble Show and Thomas the Train 
        $319 ($120 deposit)

Economy Suburban Party
(private party)
  • Just like Suburban Party, but excludes beverages for adults and children. 
          $289 ($120 deposit)



Private Party Hours

Private parties are after regular business hours. Your party can enjoy Kids Town all for themselves. Select from the start times below.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:  5:00pm
Wednesday and Friday:  7:00pm

Saturdays:  12:30pm, 3:00pm, or 5:30pm
Sundays:  4:15pm

Party Extras

Entertainment Add Ons: 

Balloon Drop - $59 (50-70 balloons)
Thomas the Train Ride - $29 (for two hours)
Bubble Show - $19.99 (two song long)

Bouncing House - $29.90 per hours 

Small Goodie Bags - $3.19 each
Plush Animals (Kids Town Jungle Ride) - $19.90 each / per hour
Extra Coffee Pitcher - $15
Extra Hour for Party - $120 (only for the last party of the day)
Photographer - 1.5 hours, (backdrops and costumes included), $100
 (Must order 10 days in advance, please bring a 5G USB flash drive)
Mickey Mouse one hour character           $100.00
Santa Clause   one hour character           $100.00
Cinderella/Elsa character costume rent       $30.00

Catering Options
Stella's Pizza - Menu
Rosati's  Pizza -Menu

For a party at Kids Town, 10 minutes is available before the party for arrivals. Please make any necessary efforts to leave on time (as our staff needs to prepare for the next party). Any additional time past the party's scheduled time will result in extra charge (minimum of $50.00). The Party Host is responsible for any damages done to the property of Kids Town.

Deposit is due at the time of the booking and will be applied to the total amount. Deposit is fully refundable if a party is cancelled at least 21 days prior to the date of the event. Parties cancelled less than 3 weeks from the scheduled date will result in 100% forfeiture of the deposit. A Party may be rescheduled upon facility's availability within 4 weeks of the original date—one reschedule only, no extra fees apply.