Fun is good at Kids Town!

kids town is an exciting, unique, and safe indoor play space. The variety of themed play areas are sure to encourage your child's imagination and offer an unforgettable experience!

Kids Town also has a convertible event space, which is perfect for celebrating birthdays, baby showers, and other special occasions.
        Only at Kids Town 
 New Bouncing Extravaganza *

      Thomas the Train,  Santa FE EXpress

             and Plush Animals Rides 

             Famous Bubbles Show !

     Fun Collection of Costumes for Children             

             and SO MUCH MORE... 

*On weekdays, when 10 or more children are present, we will put on our own very special 
Bubble Show and all the rides and Bouncing Castles @11 am and 2 pm. So bring your friends!

            Great News
 Any sime-private and private party (except a City) booked after 05.18.208 will get promotional price:

Bubbles show - $10.00
Thomas The Train - $20.00
Plush Animals each - $8.00 for one hour Bouncing House -  $15.00 for one hour

      More Great News

We're Happy to announce that close to middle of June 2018 or so  Kids Town will open in a Stratford Mall new location

           KIDS TOWN 2*

*Day of Grand opening will be announce soon